“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour, and some style..”

- Maya Angelou

About THRIVE Wellness Coaching


What is THRIVE Wellness Coaching?

THRIVE Wellness Coaching is my own unique approach to wellness coaching that combines the power of hypnotherapy with the effectiveness of EFT and other Energy Psychology techniques so that you can truly begin to thrive.

Here are the key components of a THRIVE Wellness Coaching session:

T - Tapping and energy psychology experiences

H - Hypnotic journeys and explorations

R - Resource state opportunities

I - Integration work with inner children, shadows and other parts of self

V - Visualization and multisensory imagination-building exercises

E- Embodiment practices


What is a typical session like?

There is no such thing as a typical THRIVE Wellness Coaching session. As a client-centred wellness coach, I tailor each session to meet the needs of the specific goals of a particular client. Having said that, the initial session usually focuses on establishing a solid foundation of knowledge, skills and comfort for the client. During this initial session, I will delve more deeply into the issue you are looking to resolve; help you identify your specific goals; explore your family history using a genogram; offer education about how hypnosis, EFT and the mind work; provide imagination training; and facilitate an initial experience of both tapping and hypnosis. Subsequent sessions will involve the further exploration of the issue using of a variety of transformation tools and techniques that are carefully selected to benefit you and help you achieve your specific goals. These tools include:

-Energy Psychology tools techniques

-neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) tools and techniques

-breathwork techniques

-somatic and embodiment practices

-and more...


What might happen in my THRIVE Wellness Coaching session?

So many different things! During a session, you could:

-get to know and love all parts of yourself (Parts or Ego State work)

-get to know and love your inner children (Inner Child work)

-get to know and love your shadows (Shadow work)

-meet guides and counsellors who can provide you with answers to problems (Invisible Counsellor and Quantum Journey work)

-connect with your Higher Self for guidance and support (Quantum Journey work)

-explore the past (Regression and Timeline work)

-explore your future (Quantum Journey work)

-explore past and future lifetimes (Quantum Journey work)

-explore life between lives (Quantum Journey work)

-meet with inner healers and visit your own healing temple (Quantum Journey work)

-connect with lost loved ones of any species (Unfinished Conversation and Quantum Journey work)

-offer care and support to suffering loved ones of any species (Surrogate Tapping)

-explore metaphorical landscapes as a way to solve your issues (Mindscaping)


What can THRIVE Wellness Coaching help me with?

Looking at each of the key components of a THRIVE Wellness Coaching session individually:

T - Tapping and energy psychology techniques can help you release old triggers and traumas as well as unhelpful behaviours and emotions so that you can step into a place of self-acceptance, confidence, peace and ease.

H - Hypnotic journeys and explorations can help you manage stress and pain as well as gain inner wisdom and resources that will allow you to see your world in a newer, brighter way.

R - Resource states can help you remember what it actually feels like to feel really good in your mind, heart and body.

I - Integration work can help you embrace, accept and love all parts of you so that you can be your vibrantly whole, authentic self once more.

V - Visualization and imagination building experiences can help you harness the power of one of the most powerful tools in the universe: your imagination. With your imagination working FOR you rather than AGAINST you, manifesting your wildest dreams suddenly becomes possible.

E - Embodiment practices can help you to learn to speak the unique language of your body as a way to develop awareness, mindfulness, presence, self-regulation, intuition, wholeness, balance, connection, empowerment and love for yourself and others.

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